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Foot and Ankle Pain

Pain in the lower limb can be caused by injury, anatomical or physiological problems, footwear or certain activities or a combination of these factors. Biomechanical assessment can identify causes and help relieve the pain through an appropriate treatment plan that may include orthotics and specific exercises.

Provision of orthotics and insoles

Pain caused by limb length difference or biomechanical problems is usually treated with footwear adaptations, insoles or orthotics.

Nail and skin problems

I can diagnose and provide a range of treatments for bacterial and fungal infections of the feet.
Verrucae are caused by a virus and usually resolve without treatment within 6 months to two years. Treatment is only required if they are causing pain.

Toe Nail Cutting

Some people have difficulty cutting their own nails due to sight or mobility problems. Others have unusually shaped or thickened nails. I provide a cutting service and can reduce the depth of thickened nails to make them more manageable.

Toe Nail Reconstruction

Unsightly nails can be embarrassing especially at times when you would like to wear open shoes or sandals. If you have thickened, crumbly nails, fungal nail infection or have lost or damaged a nail through an accident or surgery I can reconstruct the nail using a special gel (Wilde-Pedique) which also contains an antifungal agent.

Callus and Corns

I can remove callus and corns and provide advice on how reduce or prevent reoccurrence.